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13 August 2015
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Serviced apartments, the word that became a catchphrase in the city of Chennai has now reached Coimbatore. People started showing more interest towards these kinds of flats since they are designed perfectly in a way by catering the needs of dwellers that come for short term and long term accommodations. Especially, service apartments in Coimbatore fulfill people with complete satisfaction by providing many amenities and features. Hence, these have become the best kind of accommodation among business travelers and companies. These types of accommodations are much welcomed among leisure travelers and vacationers. Here are the reasons for people to prefer luxury serviced apartments in Coimbatore.

  1. It is much cheaper than regular restaurants. In hotel accommodation, we need to book the room depending upon number of occupants, days and pay the money accordingly. But, when it comes to such accommodations, we can take one house with many rooms which avoids multiple charges and save money. Also, temporary dwellers are saying that Service Apartments in Coimbatore give a convenient feel like staying in our own house and one can cook and eat whatever they want which won’t spoil the stomach and also save much money in spending on food.
  2. Further, staying in separate rooms won’t give happiness when we are on vacation since in most hotels, only limited numbers of people are allowed per room. But, when it is for luxury serviced apartments in Coimbatore, everyone can make their stay in one place so no need knock the doors whenever we want to chat.
  3. The entire ambiances you get at such homes give you a feel as if you are not away from your house. But, in hotels, we will get that feel in each and every moment which completely gives an inhospitable feel. Also, it adds additional income when our stay increases. Though absence of house-Keeping, meeting hall, laundry are missing in service apartments in Coimbatore, these facilities are an added advantages for hotel rooms. Renting a room in hotel is advantageous when you go for business trip.
  4. Dining area, kitchen, sofa set, office desk are some features that are absent in hotels but facilities like Wi-Fi connection, direct telephone lines etc are not available at luxury serviced apartments in Coimbatore.
  5. You can select such accommodation near your business meeting spot and you can also accommodate your family in the center of famous landmarks or an interesting place to make your tourist visit easier. But such facilities are not available when it comes to hotel stay. One has to stay where the desired hotel is located, it may be near to our meeting spot or may be located at farer distance. Even 3 bedroom service apartments in Coimbatore are available so if your group is bigger in size, you can rent it out depending upon your requirements.

Based on these reasons, luxury serviced apartments in Coimbatore is not surprising to be in demand these days.

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